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Custom made DENIM Maxi Skirt by ALUDRA

Custom made DENIM Maxi Skirt by ALUDRA

Skirt Maxi DENIM

Price : RM80 

Freesize (fit till XL)

Material : Cotton Denim (streachable)

Color : Deep Blue

Other color open for pre-order refer above pics ya!

"*•.¸❤ ❤¸.•*" 

Alhamdulillah my own design Denim Maxi Skirt dah siap!! 
Material Cotton DENIM 
kain strechable, comfirt & easywear ^_^ 
yg bminat boleh pm me kays.. 
coz this is tailor made skirts soo lead time utk skirt siap is 9 days after confirmation of order & 
received depo/full payment

~ ok me pose with my new design!! 
sorry gambar snap on da spot 2day ntah pehape.. 
pose2 poyo ni disnap oleh my dotter Reen .. 
Jom tengok yg actual model Aludra pakai baru cun skit  ^_~


 Deep Blue




 Black - SOLD OUT

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