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Shahila Reversible Shawl [UPDATE NEW COLORS]

Shahila Reversible Shawl 
Promotion Price @ RM25 (inc. pos)
Retail price : RM30 (exc. pos)
Material : Chiffon Jojet

 Color : Deep Orange + Purple Magenta

Color : Green + Lite Brown

 Black + White

Color : Orange Mandarin + Koko Tanah

Color : Beige + Nescafe Brown

Color : Lite Peach + Blue

Color : Deep Purple + Shocking Yellow

Color : Blue + Dark Brown (SOLD)

Color : Lite Purple + Black

Color : Yellow + Orange

Color : Navy Green + Cream (SOLD)
 Color : Shocking Pink + Orange

Color : Navyblue + Peach

nama Shawl ni sempena penyanyi yg telah mengharumkan nama Malaysia.
coz i 1st spotted this design wore by Shila Amzah wahhh terus cepat2 pegi borong
neway tudung ni ada 2 warna on each side soo up to ur gurls nak pusing or pkai which color

*photos credit to Shila's instagram

Nur Shahila binti Amir Amzah @  Shila Amzah, is a Malaysian singer. She was the runner-up of the second season of One in a Million in 2007 and the winner of Asia New Singer Competition in 2008.
On 20 September 2012, Shila became the champion of Asian Wave, a Chinese "reality singing talent show" held in Shanghai. Congrats Shila! We're soo proud of you!! 
*Source from Wiki
*photo credit to Shila @ Shylla page
*edited by AyuAludra

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