Khamis, 31 Oktober 2013

Rambut sihat walaupun bertudung!

* petikan dari majalah Insipirasi Selendang keluaran Alaf 21, Karangkraf
dah lama tak berceloteh di blog Aludra, kali ni Ayu nak story tentang  PENJAGAAN RAMBUT FOR HIJABERS .. tak kira la yg pakai shawl Diana Amir, syria ala Fatin Liyana, tudung mak Iti or tudung Ekin ... penting bg yg memakai hijab & bertudung ni memelihara kebersihan dan kesihatan rambut .. haaaa pakai tudung lawa2 tp kepala bau hapak tak best kan hilang mood ceria n level confident kita

1stly special thanks to Pn.Shireen dari Shaire London (Malaysia) yg memperkenalkan produk shampoo & hair perfume for muslimmah to me! Product ni 100% HALAL dan disahkan oleh JAKIM ya.. kilang pon di Malaysia. Alhamdulillah Ayu dah try pakai suka sangat especially hair perfume tu coz bau dia fresh sgt! macam ada aroma terapi gitu soothing n relaxing .. even my kids pon cakap rambut mama wangiii  (◠‿◠✿)

Silk, Classic Collection 2 in 1 Nourishing Shampoo (TEMPORARY NO STOCK AVAILABLE)

An exclusive formulated shampoo that contains specially blended ingredients that help to protect hair from damage and maintains hair moisture and shine. Shairé London 2 in 1 Nourishing Shampoo has both cleansing and conditioning properties. Leaves your hair smooth and silky soft. Contains Vitamin B5, Malaysian Brown Seaweed Extract and minerals.

Benefits of Use:

    • Strengthens and repairs hair roots
    • Cleans while maintaining hair moisture
    • Protects hair from further damage
    • Improves suppleness, sheen and manageability for all hair types
    • Reduces hair fall
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Reasonably priced
    ni Ayu demo shampoo .. tak perlu tuang byk pon.. letak direct diatas kepala n campur dgn air macam shampoo biasa .. urut2 skit kulit kepala tu bg rata shampoo tu.. sedap jee feeling dia bau pon sedap .. especially bila cuaca panas n kering seriesly mmg best pakai shampoo ni!
    Silk Classic Collection Hair Perfume

    Revitalizes and nourishes hair and scalp between washes. Instant clean hair anywhere, anytime.
    Enriches and conditions hair with Vitamin B5, Malaysian Seaweed extract and minerals, that promotes growth of healthy hair by strengthening and repairing hair roots, preventing split ends and entangled hair.

    Benefits of Use:

      • Has cleansing properties which absorbs excess oil from hair and scalp
      • Acts as Hair Tonic that medicates, strengthens and repairs hair roots
      • Revitalizes dull, limp and lifeless hair
      • Soothes sweaty itchy scalp
      • Moisturizes and conditions hair
      • Reduces dandruff
      • Promotes hair growth
      • Banishes foul hair odors as a result of excess sweat, exposure to pollution and cigarette smoke and areas with strong smells such as restaurants, car parks among others
      • Convenient to use anywhere, anytime and can be used for long journeys by car, train, airplanes etc.

      Suggested Uses/Users:

      • For those who have an active lifestyle and care about their personal appearance
      • Hijab Wearers (Adults or Children)
      • For those with lifestyles/professions which require their heads to be covered for long periods of time
      • Motorcyclists (due to helmet use)
      • Before or after sports activities or during outdoor activities such as camping
      • Hospital patients who are not able to wash their hair conventionally
      • Mothers in confinement

      yg ni pulak hair perfume.. seeloknya spray direct ke rambut tu .. Ayu akan spray 5 minit sebelom pakai tudung & keluar .. masa tu rasaaa fuh fresh sgt2!! most recommended for urgurls hijabista out there! macam spray vit e kat muka tu haa macam tu laa feeling pakai hair perfume ni ok! selain utk keharuman yg segar ia juga berfungsi sbg tonik rambut! elak rambut dari gugur atau gatal2 kulit2 kepala.. bila rambut segar bugar wangi muka kita pon terserlah ceria! ^_^

      for more info on product & about Shaire London pls visit

      ALUDRA instagram with SHAIRE LONDON

      Serious buyer can email me, or sms 012-095074 (text only).
      Price as stated above.
      Add postage : RM6 (Semenanjung), RM9 (Sabah/Sarawak)

      * petikan dari Majalah Mingguan Wanita 

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