Khamis, 4 Jun 2015

SYIFAA Satin mix Songket Dress

SYIFAA Satin mix Songket Dress
PROMO PRICE @ RM79 (incl.pos)
Retail : RM119
Freesize (suitable for S to L, can fit till size 42)
 custom made by Butik Aludra

ZARITH Chiffon Wide Shawl with embroidery
(custom made shawl by Butik Aludra)
Harga : RM69
Color : Purple Magenta

Color : Electric Blue

Color : Hijau Lumut 

ELISHA Shawl Manik Juntai
Harga : RM50
Color : Sweet Peach



* spotted Emma Maembong wore similiar cutting dress & color electric blue on demand
Photos from Harmoni's magazine

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