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Minimise The Health Impact of Haze


7 Ways To Minimise The Health Impact of Haze

1) Stay indoors with closed doors and windows

When the air pollution index is at a very unhealthy level (>200 dpi), it is best to stay indoors and keep all your doors and windows closed.

Nilai IPU Kualiti udara
0 - 50 Baik
51 - 100 Sederhana
101 - 200 Tidak sihat
201 - 300 Sangat tidak sihat
301 - 400 Berbahaya
401 - 500 Sangat berbahaya
Lebih 501 Darurat

2) Keep your skin clean

Not only will the haze particles provides breeding grounds for bacteria, they also releases free radicals which can cause premature ageing. Keep your skin clean by washing your face and hitting the shower once when you get home.

3) Minimise outdoor activities

4) Drink more than usual

Get hydrated. Juices and water in the purest form are the best. This helps the kidneys flush out any toxins absorbed through the skin and lungs.

5)  Boost your vitamin intakes

Build up your immunity with foods rich in vitamin C (fruit and vegetable), vitamin E (nuts and seeds) and omega-3 fatty acids (oily fish). Your body need all the help it can get to fight the invading pollutants.

6) Get masked

Stock up on high quality N95 face masks. Wear a mask and ensure it cover your mouth and nose properly if there is a need to be outdoors.

Item specifics
Item Type : Masks 
Size : Free
Package Size : 20cm x 25cm x 11cm (7.87in x 9.84in x 4.33in)
Product Description
Features :
 1.Against haze,windproof, dustproof, exhaust, prevent formaldehyde
 2.very convenient and fashion
 3.Both male and female,Both adult and kid.
Color : Black
Weight : about 0.03kg/piece
Material : Cotton and Activated carbon

Warm prompt : please wash thoroughly before use.
Price : RM18 (exclude pos, + pos RM7 WM, RM10 EM)

7) Purify the air

Breathe easier at home by investing on an air purifier..

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