Selasa, 5 Januari 2016

M o u n t J e r a i ... by by Zeck Masterpiece @zeckphotography


Figura | Farrah Tarmizi
Photo | Zeck Masterpiece
(WA 0124424099)
Hijab & Wardrobes | Butik Aludra
Venue | Gunung Jerai, Kedah

Rises above the surrounding plains at 1380metres/4140feets above sea level and visble for miles around. Formally known as Kedah Peak is located in Malaysia state of Kedah.

 Hydrangea one of top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world can be found at Mount Jerai

The Regency Jerai Hill Resort

IZZARA printed Instant Shawl @ RM25
(1 muka)
Code : Star
Material : Chiffon printed

Chiffon Flare Skirt
Code : Enchancia
Material : Chiffon (with full lining cover)
Price : RM49
Freesize (can fit till L)
#flareskirt #skirt #VintageStyle

 Color : Blue

Color : Brown


Special thanks to photographer, Zeck
WhatsApp 0124424099

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