Rabu, 9 Mac 2016

A touch of Retro ... photos by Ahmad Nuril @encik_nuril

Venue : Dataran Jam Besar, Sungai Petani

Hijab & Wardrobe by Butik Aludra
MUA : AY U Aludra
Model : Myra Zetty
Photographer : Ahmad Nuril @encik_nuril
whatsApp : 013 4171198
email : nuril200@gmail.com

Syatilla Lace Instant Shawl
Price : RM25
Material : Chiffon AA & Lace
Color : Shocking Pink


Azra Pants 
Price :  RM59
Material : Crepe Moss
Freesize (can fit till size L, 42 - waist stretchable)
Color : Blue
#culottes #palazzo

Maya Vintage Tops
Price : RM33
 Freesize (suitable for S to L, 42)
Color : Emerald Green

close up

Code : RETRO
Color : Rainbow, Blue & Black 

Shades by Nana Nazri, Syana Gallery   @syanagallery
Whatsapp : 0195521544
Wechat : nananazlia

Round-framed sunglasses were popular in the late 60s and early 70s
and was made iconic by John Lennon.
Round-framed glasses are popular among the steampunk crowd, as well as hipsters, nowadays.



Spotted beautiful actress, Syatilla Melvin wore similar Lace Instant Shawl

Spotted K-Pop Female Group from SNSD/Girls Generation, Yoona donning similiar blue palazzo

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