Isnin, 18 Julai 2016

V e r s a t i l i t y ..


Ultimately feminine, modest and elegant, mix and match these pieces according to your personal style to wear 'em to different occasions.
Mia top @ RM33
Freesize (can fit till L, size 38 to 42)
Color : Beige

close up top



Model Farah Wahida
MUA Nur Izzanie
Photos by AY U Aludra
Hijabs & Wardrobe by ALUDRA COLLECTIONS / FB Butik Aludra

"RATU" Satin Silk Scarf @ RM25
Color : Meroon

Special combo : 1 set (top + skirt) @ RM69 only!!  Free pos
Mia top @ RM33.
Zaza skirt @ RM49.

Zaza skirt @ RM49
Freesize (suitable for S to M)
Color : Meroon

Can this wear to the office!!
#officelook #officewear #officeattire


Style button di skirts/pants
Get Inspired!!!

  Fashion inspired ala K-Pop, Girls Generation/SNSD, Yoona

Fashion inspired by @aere available di Fashion Valet

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