Khamis, 18 Februari 2016

D R A P E T O M A N I A by Ahmad Nuril @encik_nuril

Knitted Cardigan by Butik Aludra @butikaludra

Special thanks to :
Model : Farrah Tarmizi  @farrahtarmizi
Photographer : Ahmad Nuril @encik_nuril
whatsApp : 013 4171198
email :


Thank you soo Ahmad Nuril a very talented photographer. Those who looking for photographer on the special day or any event can contact him as above detail ya! Btw, this is the second time collaboration with Ahmad Nuril featuring Farah as model for Butik Aludra. Am loving the view & photos soo much!! Couldn't believe it when Farah told me that the photoshoot done near my home! After seeing the photos I was about to post tittle E S C A P E on the blog .. Escape from the hectic, enjoying the nature.. I also searched quotes on escape which I'd come across the word drapetomania that has the same meaning as escape.

D r a p e t o m a n i a  
                                   (noun)  an overwhelming urge to run away . . . 


Knitted Cardigan

New collection of long sleeve open style knitted cardigan
with black, ivory white, red, grey, pink and purple color.
It is made from knitted wool material, soft, smooth and stretchable.
It can fit up to XL size.

  Knitted Long Cardigan @ RM49
Freesize (suitable for S to XL)

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