Rabu, 3 Februari 2016

V e n t u r e s o m e .. Flare Long Skirt Overlay Pants #SKANTS

Flare Long Skirt Overlay Pants by Butik Aludra

Fuse classy chic with edgy and you get this A-line skirt.
This beauty boasts an overlay skirt with pants underneath.
We love a good twist! 


Neelofa pants @ RM99 by Butik Aludra
Freesize (can fit till L,42)

 Accessories :
Infinity bangle @ RM10 only!! (exc.pos)

LEIA Cotton Silk blouse
Freesize (suitable for S-M, can fit till size 40)
Retail Price @ RM39
NOW PROMOTION PRICE @ RM25 only incl.pos!!
Color : Emerald Green

 Photos by AY U Aludra
Ladyanna Instant Shawl
(jenis basic & serlum)
Harga : RM39 shj
Material : Chiffon
Color : Deep Turqoise

v e n t u r e s o m e
willing to take risks or embark on difficult or unusual courses of action



Emerald green


Other : Brown, Peach, Mint & Red Chili


Heppi la Adelia sbb kak @farrahtarmizi mai..
Thnx Farra dlm dok photoshoot sempat gak melayan karenah Adelia tuu
Kemain main kejor2 ngan kakakkk tuuu ..
Takpa pants ala skirt koleksi @butikaludra tu ok je main kejor2 heee

Lil Adelia & Farrah Tarmizi

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