Ahad, 28 Februari 2016

Studio Photoshoot @ Romanchenta Art Studio by Mohd Asyraf

Studio photoshoot @ Romanchenta Art Studio by Mohd Asyraf
Product : Hijab & Wardrobe by Butik Aludra @butikaludra

Ratu 'SAFIYA' instant lace shawl baru @ RM35

Juma yellow tops @ RM29
Crepe skirt printed Floral @ RM59

Crepe skirt printed Floral @ RM59
 Freesize (can fit till size XL)

Juma yellow tops @ RM29
Freesize (suitable for S to M, can fit till size 40-42)

  BEETY Patch Long Cardi
Material : Cotton mix knitted wool
Freesize (can fit till XL)
Color : Brown

Houndstooth peplum tops @ RM35
Blue pants @ RM39
Beige Chiffon Shawl @ RM20

 Houndstooth peplum tops @ RM35
Freesize (can fit till L, 42)
Material : Lycra  (stretchable)

 Blue Pants @ RM39
Material : Spandex (stretchable)
Freesize (can fit till L)

Price : RM40
Size : Mini (S-M)
Material : Chiffon
Color : Brown II

 Azalea Chiffon Peplum tops @ RM39
Emily Chiffon Mermaid skirts @ RM40
 Akoya Satin Shawl with Lace & Pearl @ RM45
Bangle @ RM25

(jahitan keliling curly benang sulam)
Color : Emerald Green, Golden Orange, Pink Fushia, Grey

Material : Lycra Plain
Cutting : Scallop
Size : Midi
Color : Misty Teal

Ruby Satin Oval Shawl @ RM39
Kaftan @ RM40

Kaftan ... Fashion that never fades
SALE @ RM40 only!! Free postage
Material : Chiffon

Freesize (suitable for S to L, can fit till size 40-42


Special thanks to :

 Model : Fatihah Dzulkifli 
(photos via mobile no filters. credit to mua super touch!) 

 MUA : Nurazreen Mohd Noor 
Tel / Whatsapp : 019-5601056
(makeup artist cover area utara ; Penang, Kedah, Perlis)
Visit official page :

Photographer : Mohd Asyraf
Location : Sungai Petani, Kedah 
Tel / Whatsapp : 017-4522738 
Visit official page :
Note :  Many thanks to photographer, Mohd Asyraf of Romanchenta Studio for the superb photos!!
Gambar tak pernah mengecewakan and super fast! Kami photoshoot pon dah petang sbb makeup & styling lagi.. tapi cepat jaa rasa dah siap.. and malam tu before dinner dah terus dpt message dari Acap yg pics dah siap! Whuaaaaa mmg terbaik! Kak Ayu mmg rekomen sgt2 uols ngan Acap.. Harga affordable & boleh runding plus ada pakej2 utk wedding, indoor, outdoor, event, product, etc...Dont hesitate to contact him, ok!!



Khamis, 18 Februari 2016

D R A P E T O M A N I A by Ahmad Nuril @encik_nuril

Knitted Cardigan by Butik Aludra @butikaludra

Special thanks to :
Model : Farrah Tarmizi  @farrahtarmizi
Photographer : Ahmad Nuril @encik_nuril
whatsApp : 013 4171198
email :


Thank you soo Ahmad Nuril a very talented photographer. Those who looking for photographer on the special day or any event can contact him as above detail ya! Btw, this is the second time collaboration with Ahmad Nuril featuring Farah as model for Butik Aludra. Am loving the view & photos soo much!! Couldn't believe it when Farah told me that the photoshoot done near my home! After seeing the photos I was about to post tittle E S C A P E on the blog .. Escape from the hectic, enjoying the nature.. I also searched quotes on escape which I'd come across the word drapetomania that has the same meaning as escape.

D r a p e t o m a n i a  
                                   (noun)  an overwhelming urge to run away . . . 


Knitted Cardigan

New collection of long sleeve open style knitted cardigan
with black, ivory white, red, grey, pink and purple color.
It is made from knitted wool material, soft, smooth and stretchable.
It can fit up to XL size.

  Knitted Long Cardigan @ RM49
Freesize (suitable for S to XL)

Jumaat, 5 Februari 2016

FARMASi Matte Lipstick review by Ayu Aludra

FARMASi Matte Lipstick
Retail Price : RM37.10 
(tidak termasuk postage, add pos RM7)

| 16 /01/2016 |
Yeyyyy FARMASi Matte Lipstick dah sampai pagi niiii
Thnx @fcc_adahramly (yg bminat nak order boleh contact Pn. Adah Ramly 0174141093) 
or yg dah biasa ngan kak Ayu boleh sj tumpang order sekali ngan kak Ayu

 Testing FARMASi Matte Lipstick code 03
Saja tak buh terang2 suka color merah camni cam warna merah delima gtuee

| 21/01/2016 | 
Walopon x brapa sehat tp bila dah tenyeh lipstik dan2 nampak ceria n ok ja kan ..
Seriesly dah fall in love sgt2 dgn Matte Lipstick FCC ni
dpt plak color ala2 Sha (lakonan Syatila Melvin) dlm drama #shadanshah tuuu
Thnx @fcc_adahramly intro this lovely color code 09 Pure Innocent
warnanya nak kata peach tp cam nak lite pink gtuee
Ok keluar antar anak p sekolah petang jap with lil Adelia

cantikkan color nude lipstik Syatila Melvin pkai ni
soo yg dok cari lips color cenggini bley try Farmasi Matte lipstik code 14
yg ni warna paling mirip dgn lips color Syatila Melvin

Rosewood color matte lipstick code14
Wow hot selling yeay !!

#Repost @fcc_adahramly with @repostapp.
Hullahup !! depa mai dah !!
Mungil terpukau bak #anggelinajolie #mattelipstickFCC terbaru duk hangat dipasaran.. 
Restock habis, habis lagi.. Ni restock lagi !!
Punya laku #terlajaklaris sampai ada yg habis stok terus kt #fccmalaysia
Ready stok kod 02,03,09 & 14 jer. #deepplum kod13 hbs dh yer
#beautyproductreview #productreview #aludracollections @butikaludra #review

Pn. Adah Ramly
Instgram @fcc_adahramly
MUA & Owner FCC Farmasi Colours Cosmetics (KULIM)
Official page :

Rabu, 3 Februari 2016

i n d i g o . . .

ELIZA Blaus Muslimah Moden Labuh
Retail price : RM40
Material : Soft Cotton

Freesize (suitable for S to M, can fit till size 40-42)
Color : Biru Indigo

Harem pants
Price : RM39
Material : Soft Cotton
Freesize (suitable for S to L)
Color : Black

(custom made by Butik Aludra)
Harga : RM45
Size : Mini
Design : 2 layer lekat (layer luar chiffon)
Code : ala Inggeris
 Color : Navy Blue

Model  Farhana Kirana
Photos by AY U Aludra


close up details

Indigo is a color that is traditionally regarded as a color on the visible spectrum, as well as one of the seven colors of the rainbow: the color between blue and violet.

Inspirasi gaya Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

V e n t u r e s o m e .. Flare Long Skirt Overlay Pants #SKANTS

Flare Long Skirt Overlay Pants by Butik Aludra

Fuse classy chic with edgy and you get this A-line skirt.
This beauty boasts an overlay skirt with pants underneath.
We love a good twist! 


Neelofa pants @ RM99 by Butik Aludra
Freesize (can fit till L,42)

 Accessories :
Infinity bangle @ RM10 only!! (exc.pos)

LEIA Cotton Silk blouse
Freesize (suitable for S-M, can fit till size 40)
Retail Price @ RM39
NOW PROMOTION PRICE @ RM25 only incl.pos!!
Color : Emerald Green

 Photos by AY U Aludra
Ladyanna Instant Shawl
(jenis basic & serlum)
Harga : RM39 shj
Material : Chiffon
Color : Deep Turqoise

v e n t u r e s o m e
willing to take risks or embark on difficult or unusual courses of action



Emerald green


Other : Brown, Peach, Mint & Red Chili


Heppi la Adelia sbb kak @farrahtarmizi mai..
Thnx Farra dlm dok photoshoot sempat gak melayan karenah Adelia tuu
Kemain main kejor2 ngan kakakkk tuuu ..
Takpa pants ala skirt koleksi @butikaludra tu ok je main kejor2 heee

Lil Adelia & Farrah Tarmizi